Teammachine R

Redefine Racing

Redefine Racing

The all-new BMC Teammachine R was designed for a special breed of cyclist. Forged on the slopes of the Swiss Alps. Hardened over the cobbles of Spring Classics. Perfected within the echelons of the Grand Tours. Developed in collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies the Teammachine R isn’t just another race bike - it’s the culmination of every podium, trophy, solo victory, and bunch sprint we’ve ever been a part of, it redefines what a race bike is capable of. It’s an uncompromising race weapon when every watt and pedal stroke matters most.

Aero does everything

To design the ultimate race bike we knew aerodynamics couldn’t come at the expense of performance. Every tube shape, carbon layup matrix, and design choice was rooted in the pursuit of pure performance. It’s speed, functionality, and eye-catching design in one, all-conquering race bike.

Aero climbs now

A bike that cheats the wind while still being light and responsive enough to dominate across terrains.

Already A Race Winner

Teammachine R has already owns an enviable list of race wins, but for Tudor Pro Cycling every kilometer of our past matters as they have their sights set firmly on writing the next chapter of racing glory.

"Visibly you can see the aerodynamic advantages, but then when racing it, you can feel it’s super fast. Noticeably fast."

Arvid de Kleijn – Tudor Pro Cycling Team

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The ultimate partnership

When we sat down with the Red Bull Advanced Technologies team, the goal was simple: create the ultimate race bike. We leaned on Red Bull’s vast aerodynamic expertise to completely reimagine what a bike could do. From there, BMC engineers fine-tuned and perfected the details, shapes, and layups to turn those Red Bull simulations into something unmistakably BMC. The result? The most complete race bike we’ve ever made. It’s Formula 1 technology coupled with Swiss cycling precision – Absolutely no compromise.

Innovation at race speed

We put everything we have into this bike because our riders wouldn't accept anything less.

Halo Fork

The ultrawide parallel fork legs are unlike anything else in the peloton. When rotating at speed, the front wheel produces a significant amount of turbulent air. We increased the inner fork spacing to allow that turbulent air to be shuttered away from the frame and reduce aero stall.

The Mariana Bottom Bracket

We took deep to a new level.  By pushing the boundaries of the design we’ve been able to completely reimagine the bottom bracket flow and architecture.  The bigger bottom bracket area also reduces the distance between the frame and the rear wheel helping keep airflow attached to the rim.

Deeper Horizontal Shapes

Again, borrowing lessons we learned from the Speedmachine, we expanded the horizontal profile in key locations like the head tube, bottom bracket, and seatstay junction. The resulting shapes not only look fast but enable the Teammachine R to respond more effectively across a wider range of yaw angles.

Teammachine R 01

The most complete race bike we've ever made
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