BMC Twostroke

The Bike of Choice for Mountain Conquering

Team BMC on the BMC Twostroke: "Fast while ascending, responsive while descending."

In the world of professional mountain biking, Team BMC is a name synonymous with success. With a roster of top-tier riders and a reputation for innovation, the team has consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible on two wheels. But behind their triumphs lies a secret weapon: the BMC Twostroke.

While the team's primary race bike is the BMC Fourstroke 01, the Twostroke holds a special place in their hearts, particularly when it comes to training and exploring. One of its biggest fans is Janis Baumann, a rider known for his aggressive style and relentless pursuit of speed.

"The Twostroke is a beautiful racing toy that I love riding," Baumann explains. "It's a bike that lets me feel fast and play around with speed on versatile terrains. I especially enjoy taking it out shorter, more intensive training session. Additionally, the BMC Twostroke also handles slightly less technical XC races with ease."

Baumann credits the Twostroke's lightweight frame and efficient design for its exceptional climbing prowess. "It's phenomenal uphills," he says. "The fact that it's lighter than the Fourstroke makes a huge difference, especially when you're battling your way up a challenging climb."

But the Twostroke's talents don't stop there. When the terrain turns technical and the descents get steep, the Twostroke's responsive handling and nimbleness shine through. "Everyone has their own preference: some prefer the comfort of full suspension all the time, while others also feel in control on the hardtail," Baumann adds. "In my mountainous home, the Twostroke is in its natural habitat."

BMC Twostroke: Your Ticket to Mountain Mastery

If you're seeking a bike that can tackle any mountain trail with confidence and speed, the BMC Twostroke is the perfect choice. Its lightweight construction and progressive geometry make it a formidable competitor on both uphills and downhills.

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