BMC's Secret Weapon

The race behind the race: meet the man keeping pro cycling moving.

Meet Stafano Cattai

For many brands, sponsorship simply means providing equipment and money, but for us at BMC it’s a very different philosophy. Sure, we have teams and athletes that need equipment and financial support, but there is so much more needed to be at the forefront of Speed.

In walks a man that few people have heard of in the public realm but is spoken of in hushed tones. Meet Stefano Cattai, one of the most respected men in the elite world of pro cycling.

A Silent Assassin

An unassuming man, Stefano provides one of the most critical roles to both our professional athletes and to our R&D department. As the BMC Technical Liaison, Stefano spends his time constantly on the road from races to service courses, to training camps and back again. He is responsible for training team staff, educating athletes, finding technical solutions, taking care of equipment headaches, and advising on performance technicalities. Stefano is a key figure in our athletes getting the most out of their BMC bikes, and themselves. He is a key component in making riders faster!

BMC's Secret Weapon
BMC's Secret Weapon

Stories from the Road

You might think, all this time on the road between teams, athletes, and the BMC HQ would mean he has an infinite number of war stories, and you’d be right. Stefano has some incredible stories to tell, from his time as WorldTour rider himself, to what happens outside the Roubaix Velodrome when all eyes are on the race. (Let’s just say, there were people who knew about all the cutting-edge technology left unwatched in race vehicles). These are just small examples that add magic to the man and make him so approachable to the best riders. This is someone who can put anyone from Greg Van Avermaet to Alistair Brownlee at ease.

BMC's secret weapon
BMC's Secret Weapon
BMC's secret weapon

Create Speed

Advising and helping the world's best get faster, is not where Stefano’s job ends. In fact, that’s just half of it. What makes this position and in turn our relationship with our teams so different, is that the feedback and all that knowledge from the athletes themselves comes back to the BMC HQ in Grenchen, to aid the direction of our research & development. Evidence of this is seen all over our range of bikes. Drop seat stays, aero cockpits, TT adjustability, are all requests from riders themselves, all factors in getting faster.

After all, BMC is a rider led brand with the end of goal of Creating Speed.

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