Teammachine SLR

All-round performance unlocked.

All-round performance unlocked.

The Teammachine SLR sets the benchmark for what a modern road bike is capable of. With a race-winning design inherited from the Teammachine SLR 01, it has performance that translates from the big stage to your next big ride. Pedigree doesn’t come any better. Or faster.

A full carbon frame and fork, optimized around stiffness, weight, compliance and aerodynamics paired with carefully selected components brings race-winning performance to every road and every rider.

Premium DNA

Mirroring the Teammachine SLR 01’s podium-dominating design, the Teammachine SLR brings competition-proven performance to all racers.

All-round brilliance

The unique combination of efficiency, speed and compliance make for a race bike that can take on long mountain climbs or end-of-stage sprints with equal ease.

Race proven

For more than a decade the Teammachine SLR family has been at the forefront of road bike performance. Always at the front, always innovating, this is the embodiment of everything BMC stands for.

Rider focussed

The latest evolution of the Teammachine SLR experience is the most rider focussed yet. Adaptable, easy to work on and loaded with future-proof features it’s built to go the distance, time and time again.

Exceptional everywhere

With a chassis that benefits from the development of our top-tier SLR 01 and components that provide dependable performance, the SLR is a race bike that excels everywhere.